An introduction

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Depression Blog
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My name is Andrew and I have clinical depression. AKA Major Depression Disorder and yes typing that feels like I’m speaking at an AA meeting.

Two days ago I was diagnosed and,  although at the time of writing this I’m yet to start any kind of treatment, it’s affected me considerably. Being able to think it’s not my fault is both a blessing and a curse. My intention with this blog is to keep a candid and honest record of my mindset as I go through the treatment and hopefully out the other side.  It’s primarily for me to help me get my thoughts in order, but if along the way I pick up any fellow sufferers and it can help them in some way, then all the better. Right now I’ve no idea how frequently I’ll update, or if this will simply fall by the way side and become redundant. Right now though I feel I need to get the thoughts & demons bouncing around my head out.

A little bit about me, I’m 34 I have two children (boys, aged 5 & 7). I’m divorced, single, and live in a flat in the south of England. I have a full time job as a manager for a multinational IT company and I’m a self confessed geek with a love of technology in all forms.


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